Addicted til Averøya

Posted 5 years 256 days ago ago by Stig Selnes

Her kommer ekte pønkrock fra det norske østlandet , nærmere bestemt Kongsberg


Addicted formed in January 2008, following the breakup of their previous band, a failed rock-project called “Recipie For Disaster”. 

The band originates in the tiny town of Mjøndalen, Norway. As Recipie For Disaster ended, they did not feel like giving up on their musical ambitions, and carried on with some changes in the line-up. 
This minor change consisted of Jakob (Skogli) now taking on lead vocals in addition to his guitar-playing, while Gunnar (Gunnarson) and Peter (Piros) continued playing drums and bass respectively. 

Addicted played their first gig at a local youth club in May,2008, and they’ve been playing shows on a regular basis ever since. 
In 2009, Addicted entered the studio for the first time, resulting in a 4-track demo. They entered the studio again in 2010 to record the song “Greed” , which is available at iTunes and Spotify with All Downhilll From Here (2011).
In June 2011, Nicolay Hagen joined in on second guitar.

Early 2012 bassist Peter Piros announced that his time with Addicted was over.
Despite the loss of a bassist Addicted recorded their debutalbum "Loveshit", a project started in January, and ending when "Loveshit" came out 2.November 2012. The album is to be released digitally in the first half of 2013.
During the recording of the album, Addicted recruited Vegard Skalstad as their new bass-player.